Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Here it is, my opinion on what's in the news and in the media, and why you should look a bit closer.

Roman Polanski
. Now this is a strange one. Entertainment heavyweights up in arms over his recent arrest in extradition friendly Switzerland to face CHILD SEX charges in the US. Calls for the charges to be dropped are irrelevant because the man has been convicted, by confession, and fled the US while on bail awaiting sentencing. Anyone else who had a 13 year old girl in their house, took photos of her, gave her drugs and alcohol and performed sexual acts while incapacitated would be considered a monster. This man is no different.
CEO Pay. Michele Dolin from GESB has recently been awarded a 23 percent pay rise after their super funds dropped 11 percent due to the economic crisis. Yes I can understand frustration of policy holders upset at the $70,000 increase, but has anyone stopped to think what could've happened had the funds been managed by someone less adequate? There are cries for CEO's pays to be capped and while GESB is a state run company, controlling the pay of private sector CEO's pay packets by the government is a fantasy. The private sector is just that, private. And by the way, after 11 years of extraordinary growth for super funds, one bad year isn't the disaster we're led to believe.
Kevin Rudd. We're still hearing about his foul mouthed reaction to some politcal staffers whinging about a cut in their printing allowances. As much as I'm not a fan of Rudd, if I was a day out from a G20 summit, working out how to push an ETS through parliament, and had to miss the footy because of work I would've reacted about the same. The fact that pamphlets might have two less colours on the cover or a page less of bullshit inside was hardly a pressing matter and the man reacted accordingly. Hardly newsworthy.

Entertainment. Really?
Its rubbish. Take Channel 10's the Spearman Experiment. Basically 20 to 1 with Magda and not Bert. The 15 most Cashed up Bogans? Who cares? Not me. And how is Bec Hewitt a bogan? A soap star and failed pop star hardly conjures images of trakkies, uggies, winnie blues and a VK Commodore. Lleyton is from Adelaide and is a Crows fan. Fair enough.
Encore Presentations! This relatively new phenomenom is just lazy programming wrapped as a reward for lazy viewers. Enough.
Now I'm a fan of the 7pm project and how they're trying to repackage news for a different generation, but it still gets up me. Charlie Pickering, you need to decide if you want to be a comedian or a journalist because you're not that funny and you're not that smart. Go one way or the other and stop being so smug that you've got your own show. We know, well done. Don't fuck it up.

Brendan Fevola. Yes he made a dickhead of himself at the Brownlow and for not the first time in his career. But what has he really done over his 11 years at Carlton? Put an Irish barman in a headlock, pissed in public, waved a dildo around during mad monday twice, slept with Lara Bingle and played up at the Brownlow. Some blame must go to the Footy Show producers as I'm sure his brief for Street Talk would've involved getting on the piss and finding similarly annebriated players and stars. Think Sam Newman's gold at the Logies and Brownlows of past years. This has cost him a chance of being part of Carlton's future success after a decade of bad times, and a chance of being remembered as a great of the club. I've been guilty of all of his offences
(maybe not the dildo) and never had my job in jeopardy. All this talk of footballers being role models is a worry. If as a nation we have to take our moral directions from these young men we've got bigger problems.

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